Friday, February 12, 2010

Video Proof the Sea Shepherd Activists Are Pirates Bent on Killing Humans

By One Vike

In this video you will see proof that Paul Watson's Sea Shepherd activists are in fact the aggressors in their war against the legal practice by the whale hunters. You will see the vessel the Steve Irwin, the black ship, intentionally ram into the Japanese vessel. As you can see,this is a crime that could result in the death of those on the vessel should it sink. Unlike the media reports we see in the Western media, this is not an innocent bump in the middle of the Ocean while the Sea Shepherd activists are protesting. It is attempted murder against the lives of ICR (Japanese) whalers that are not doing anything to retaliate except to respond with water cannons.

Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (CLOS) of December 10, 1982 Article 101 clearly defines what the Sea Shepherd does in this video as an act of aggression and piracy. Which makes sense that the Steve Irwin would be flying the Jolly Roger cross and bones flag of pirates.

Also, under Article VIII of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, (ICRW) the Japanese whale hunting is legal because of a loophole that allows them to do so for research purposes. Like it or not, killing whales is not murder, unless you are so twisted that you think humans are the "Aids if the Earth" as Paul Watson does.


  1. HAHAH! Good! The whalers deserve nothing less than a painful death. Anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously demented... LOL, this video made my day :D - Too bad they didn't sink it tho..

  2. Activists 1, Whalers 0 --- maybe they should try torpedoes next time

  3. OneVike, you must be really uneducated and almost blind as well.
    Both vessels clearly collided, they weren't rammed.
    You're post is nothing but inflammatory propaganda.

    And to belive the wahlers are doing it for "research" is plain stupid.

  4. I'll allow the video evidence to stand for itself, and allow others to ask who is truly blind and stupid.

  5. I am certainly not a fan of whaling and regularly contribute to greenpeace and other responsible conservation organizations. But I am also a career seaman holding a US license as master of steam and motor vessels of any gross tonage. I have been sailing commercially for 40 years. My understanding of the applicable conventions on piracy is that sea shepherd routinely engages in acts that constitute piracy. Propfouling for instance places a vessel in imminent danger. Beining disabled 2000 miles from port is extremely dangerous. My question is why do the masters allow these attacks to go unanswered. Much like a boarding pirate, I would order my crew to shhot to kill if another vessel was intentionally trying to incapacitate my ship and endanger my crew. It would be interesting to see the reaction of their fellow trust- fund babies when they themselves were placed in imminent danger

  6. Thanks Anonymous,

    As I said before, it does take a lot of common sense to see who the aggressors are here.