Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tis The Season to Share Christ

As we approach Christmas, you will no doubt be confronted by those who would like to remove the name Christ and any reference to Him from the Holiday season. That is because the world we live in has been judged by Him and it's end is near. Thus, those who hold onto this world will do all they can to keep the lost from finding the Messiah, Christ Jesus. Many do not even want to use the word "Christmas" to describe this holiday season. There are disputes across this country in community after community where public officials are debating whether a large public tree display should be called a 'Christmas" tree or a "holiday" tree. Added to this disgrace is the many department stores across America that carry "Christmas cards" with poems and greetings that don't even mention the words Christ, Christmas, or God, let alone a verse from the Holy Bible.

Remember the days when you entered a store, and a clerk wished you a Merry Christmas? Now when you enter a store you will be lucky if you here the phrase, "Happy Holidays", let alone the greeting, "Merry Christmas". Now, I could continue on the path of pointing out all the areas of our society where Christmas is being supplanted by the generic "Holiday Season" theme, but I have a larger point to make. You see, this attempt to remove Christianity from society is not unexpected; fact is, most Christians have always known that it would eventually happen. What must be understood is that this is part of a larger agenda to do away with the Christ of Christmas and the God who created mankind. Just like the effort that has been underway for years to remove the phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST" from our coins and paper currency, so too is there an effort to remove the Christian God from all aspects of the American culture and replace Him with entities of worship that are neither real nor Divine.

Things have not changed much from the day when the Jews yelled out to Pontius Pilate, "We have no king but Caesar". - John 9:15 Thus they would not have Christ reign over their lives. - Luke 19:14 Fact is, things have progressively gotten worse, and we are now beginning to witness what Paul warned the Thessalonian's about when he wrote,

"God will send them a strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." - 2Thessalonians 2:11-12

We are warned by Paul and others throughout the Scriptures that the day will come when men will fall away and reject Christ and His teachings. As we live, these events are progressing rapidly so that the great apostasy spoken of can usher in the man of sin and the anti-christ who will war against the very God of heaven. - Revelation 19:11-21

We can see the works of this apostasy right before our eyes as the mindset of the anti-christ begins to dominate the center stage of political and religious influence around the world. These like minded individuals will do all in their power to prevent any Christian believing man or woman from gaining a position of power in the world. Remember, when we Christians allow evil men to remove the one true God from our society, then the only thing which will remain shall be "Godless society". That is why we see the concerted effort to remove Christ from Christmas, Christmas from the holiday season, and ultimately Christ from men's lives.

It is something that began the day Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and Adam rejected life with God and instead accepted to die with Eve. Genesis 3:1-24 It is something that will continue until Shiloh returns and claims His own. Genesis 49:9-12 While we cannot stop that which is inevitable, we can as Christians do our part to open the eyes of those who are lost and do not know the truth. No Christian should be sitting back idly doing nothing, we must fight the good fight and do all in our power to open the eyes of the lost. At the beginning of His great Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told His disciples,

"You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." - Matthew 5:14-16

This Christmas I challenge that all those who read my message to be a light in this dark world. Show the truth to those who are following the lies, and offer them what Christ told us to offer. We are to be fishers of men and to make disciples of all the nations. We should be baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all things that He has commanded us to do. - Matthew 28:18-20 As the last specific commandment given by Christ before He ascended into heaven to sit at the right side of God, we have no choice but to follow and obey it. We should be doing this every day as we breath the air he supplies us, but so many of us do not. So it is my prayer that you all will share the gift Christ gave you with others this Christmas Season.

If you are one if the 70% of professing Christians who have never shared the gospel with a stranger, then I suggest today is a good time to start. So when you enter the store to buy a gift, or groceries, look around and see the lost souls who are begging to hear the good news. Do not be fooled into thinking they know what Christmas is all about, because chances are they may not have heard the truth. Open your mouth and maybe you will open their eyes to a brand new world that they have been looking for. Imagine if Christ had never been offered to you! Now, share Him with others, it is your duty. After all, what better time to start sharing the gift of Christ than when we celebrate His birth?

I pray that those who have ears to hear will hear His voice and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The First Thanksgiving, A Lesson For Obama

When a ship called the Mayflower set sail for the Americas on August 1, 1620, no one would have thought that a historical lesson in politics would be learned by those who gave up everything for a chance at a new life in a new world. 102 passengers set sail with William Bradford that day and once they were on the high seas they all signed an agreement. This agreement, or contract if you may, established what was to be a just and equal law for all members of the new community, irrespective of their religious beliefs. What the settlers signed was a contract we now recognize as the Mayflower Compact. It was a mutual agreement that was entered into by the settlers and their merchant-sponsors back in London England.

Basically what the settlers formed was the first social commune of the New World, something that anyone growing up in the 1960s and 70s would easily recognize as a community where all land, houses, farming and other goods were distributed equally amongst all the inhabitants regardless of religious or political beliefs or station. It was the world's first society that was truly set up in a way that nobody would own anything and everyone who was in need would have what they required if it existed. In essence, the Mayflower Compact was a concept that would be popularized 255 years later in 1875 by Karl Marx's slogan,
"from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs."
What many do not realize is that the ideas expressed in the Mayflower Compact were thought to have come from the Bible. The Pilgrims were Godly Christians who understood and followed the Scriptures and wanted to do what they thought was right by God. So they looked to the ancient Israelites as the example of how to begin their new society in the new world. After all, if it worked for God's people it should work for them too, right? And, because they thought that they were following what the Biblical precedents had set forth in the Scriptures, they never doubted that their experiment would work. Unfortunately they misread the Scriptures, and their experiment in the new world would almost destroy everything they had hoped and prayed for within their first year together in the new land.

What the Pilgrims experienced when they arrived in November was a cold, barren, desolate wilderness that was neither friendly nor accommodating for their modern English ways. Bradford wrote in his journal,

"There were no friends to greet them, no houses to shelter them, and no inns where they could refresh themselves when they landed. The sacrifice these many Pilgrims made for their freedom to worship as they chose, was just beginning."
In April of 1621 William Bradford was elected governor after the first Governor and half of the Pilgrims who landed in Plymouth Harbor, including his own wife died. The dwindling number of Pilgrims lost loved ones and friends to starvation, sickness or exposure that first winter, but they did experience God's blessing when local Indians showed them how to plant corn, fish, and skin beavers for clothing. Their lives improved somewhat, yet they were far from being prosperous and they knew another winter could literally kill the remaining members of the community.

This is the end of most lessons taught in history classes across America today. American children today are taught that the Indians came to the rescue and saved the pilgrims, thus the first Thanksgiving was made possible by the very people these white settlers would eventually murder and shove into Reservations. That is it, end of story, now let us all eat our turkey and curse the European white men for their crimes against the more spiritual American Indians. Just one problem though, that ending is a lie, and we need to make sure that our children know that their teachers are not telling the rest of the story. It is our responsibility that our children know the truth about their forefathers and how socialism almost ended the world's greatest experiment before it ever started. Truth be told, the first Thanksgiving was a devout expression of gratitude grounded in the tradition of both the Old and New Testaments.
What the schools are leaving out in their lessons about the first Thanksgiving is that the contract the Pilgrims entered into was the reason they almost starved to death. When Bradford became the new governor of the colony, he recognized that this form of collectivism was as costly and destructive to the Pilgrims as that first harsh winter which had taken so many lives. Bradford came to realize the very thing that Barack Obama and the Democrats refuse to learn. In his journal Bradford wrote,

"The experience that we had in this common course and condition, tried sundry years...that by taking away property, and bringing community into a common wealth, would make them happy and flourishing - as if they were wiser than God, Bradford wrote. For this community (so far as it was) was found to breed much confusion and discontent and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort. For the young men, that were most able and fit for labor and service, did repine that they should spend their time and strength to work for other men's wives and children without any recompense. The strong, or man of parts, had no more in division of victuals and clothes than he that was weak and not able to do a quarter the other could; this was thought injustice. The aged and graver men to be ranked and equalized in labors and victuals, clothes etc., with the meaner and younger sort, thought it some indignity and disrespect unto them. And for men's wives to be commanded to do service for other men, as dressing their meat, washing their clothes, etc., they deemed it a kind of slavery, neither could many husbands well brook it"
Thanksgiving5Pilgrim.jpegBradford soon understood that he needed to change things or the whole community would not survive many more Winters. So in the Spring of 1623, he decided take bold action by assigning plots of land to each family, and each young adult male to work and manage. He also canceled the Mayflower Compact that the Pilgrims all signed, allowing every land owner to keep their own crops and products to trade at the market place for a fair market value. Capitalism was born in America, and it was just a matter of time before the young men were working their land and growing enough crops to use and trade. The women began accepting the goods the young men grew and in return they washed and cooked for them. The husbands in return were happier because their wives did not feel like slaves laboring for men they were not attached to and the whole community began to prosper and grow. What Bradford recorded in his journal the following Autumn of 1623 about the results of his new experiment is staggering considering how dismal the future had looked just a short 6 months earlier.

"This had very good success, for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could use, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better content. The women now went willingly into the field, and took their little ones with them to set corn, which before would allege weakness and inability, whom to have compelled would have been thought great tyranny and oppression"
This was quite a change from their previous situation, when even severe whippings had been resorted to as a way of punishment for those who refused to work or for open rebellion against the community. However, before this experiment in capitalism, all the whippings and warnings would not change the fact that the community was dying from within, due to the very nature of socialism's effect on the human spirit. It must also be remembered that even though the Pilgrims increased their efforts in 1623, a severe drought threatened to undo all they had accomplished by ruining their crops. So, following their beliefs, they offered contrition for their sins and prayed to God for rain. Soon, the drought broke, the crops flourished and the community would celebrate the first Thanksgiving that we still try to emulate to this day.

In writing about Bradford and his decision to go from collectivism to capitalism, historian Russell Kirk wrote, "never again were the Pilgrims short of food."15297-75ER.jpeg
It is not just appropriate but it is imperative for us to remember that we stand upon the shoulders of giants, and that we need to let our children know about those giants who came before us. They were not cruel, mean spirited, nor evil in the way they lived their lives. They were our ancestors who lived in a different era, with different values, and different obstacles to overcome. They lived by what the Good Book advised, and tried to treat each other the way they believed God wanted them to. And while we may have incomparably more than they did, we can learn much from the lessons they learned and how they gave thanks to the Lord for His many blessings. We should also remember that God has blessed Americans with many material things, and He has done so in part by showing Bradford and the Pilgrims the dangers of socialism. I have written before that capitalism is the way God expected man to run societies, and that He instituted the system of private property rights when he gave the land of Canaan to the Israelites.

The Pilgrims overcame the contract of fairness they first imposed upon themselves and were prosperous and America never looked back to socialism. That is until recently in our history. Now President Obama and the Democrats in Congress want to resell that original contract. They've decided that William Bradford was wrong and that the problem with America is capitalism.
A majority of Americans may call themselves Christian, but it is my estimation that less than 20% of Americans truly are Christian. So that leaves 80% of Americans who are lost and looking for something to believe in. Now they have the government to believe in, but the problem with that picture, is that the government is a man made god, and like all man made gods it will inevitably fall short of satisfying the human spirit. I predict that Obama will most likely make a speech on Thanksgiving and tell us that we need to thank the government for what we have. I prefer to thank God for what we have and pray that we can keep it.

I pray that those who have ears to hear will hear His voice and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Which Jesus Do You Follow and Serve?

Christians need to realize that being a true Christian does not mean you are to be proud and boastful. It does not mean that you will be blessed with money and riches as the prosperity pimps like T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyer, Paul Crouch and others preach. No, true Christianity is a call to be imitators of Christ, not seekers of worldly goods. After all, what did Christ do? Did he go around town riding in style? No. Did he have tons of money? No. What did He do? He gave his own life to Save ours. Yet so many Christians walk around not helping others, not acknowledging others hardships or pain. All they do is show off their possessions and status in society while telling you, "I'll pray for you". The teachings of Christ call us to a life of action, not self-interest and Christian passivity.

I am by no means attempting to say that Christians should be poor and destitute. God says that He will bless those whom He chooses to bless, and history is full of good Christians who were well off. However, if a Christian's goal in life is that of luxury and ease, then I question that Christians true faith. Our goal in life as a Christian should be to do as Christ told us to do. Should any Christian wonder what it is Christ tells us to do, I suggest reading the "Sermon on the Mount". I have always taught that the Sermon on the Mount is the constitution of Christianity, given by Jesus Himself. If you learn nothing else from the New Testament, I suggest you study and learn what it was Jesus said on that hill. One thing you will not find in the sermon is how to search for worldly wealth and prosperity.

I oftentimes find myself praying more for those whom the Lord has blessed with abundance than I do for those that have not been so blessed. The Lord said that it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven. Jesus did not make that statement because He thought that rich people were evil. He said it because those who have abundance will find it difficult to keep their focus on Him. Money may be the root cause of many evils, it is not however evil in and of itself. When we strive for wealth, we are focusing on the world and not on His teachings; we are not, imitating Him.

True Christians realize that this world is nothing more than a wayside rest in our journey to the promise land. While at this wayside rest we are to do what Jesus taught us to do. The last lesson Jesus taught in His famous sermon was the lesson of building on a rock. Matthew 7:21-27 Jesus said that whomever hears what He says, and does it, He will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock, as apposed to a foolish man who built his house on sand. If you are not building upon the rock of Christ than you will not hear these sweet words from our Lord and Savior,

"Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord." Matthew 25:23
My suggestion to these false teachers offering a "You Name it, You Can Claim it" gospel, to read what Paul told the Galatians about those who would trouble them by wanting to pervert the gospel of Christ. He said that they were anathema, a votive offering if you will. Galatians 1:8-9 A votive offering is a prayer candle, typically white or beeswax yellow. It was originally intended to be burnt as an offering in religious ceremonies, and in the days when Paul was spreading the gospel throughout the empire, he converted many who formerly worshiped pagan gods. In their ceremonies they would burn candles to their gods. Paul is telling those like the wealth and prosperity preachers that they will be burned up like those candles in the final fire when Christ returns and condemns them with the rest of the world.

For my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask that you be a good Barean and do as John instructs you to do in his first epistle, 1 John 4:1-4 where he writes,

"do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world ......... You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world."
Do not follow these wolves in sheep's clothing, who's only desire is for you to follow them not Christ. So I ask you my dear brothers and sisters of Christ, which Jesus do you follow? Which Jesus do you serve? The Jesus of the wealth and prosperity charlatans, or the great I Am?

I pray that those who have ears to hear will hear His voice and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It seems my computer has contracted a virus. I have done all I could to remove it, so now I must scrub my HD and re-install my OS and all my software programs to bring it back to normal life.

It made me think about us Christians, who realized that one day we were on the wrong path in our lives. We heard about Christ and what He offered us. We accepted Him into our lives, and he has since been scrubbing out hard drive clean of all the viruses we have picked up along the way.

It is a long progress and we need to be patient, remembering what Paul told the Philippians about the work of Christ in our lives,
"Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:" Philippians 1:6
You are all in my prayers continually, may the good Lord bless and keep you and yours.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Evolution in 58 Million Years

by Chuck Ness

Well it seems like those who continue to cling to the few remaining threads of hope that Darwin was right, have another problem with Darwin's theory of evolution. From the evidence accumulated by the University of Florida there seems to be the exact same families of plants around today as there was 58 million years ago. That is the what the evidence points to from a press release from the university that stated, “Plant fossils give first real picture of earliest Neotropical rain forests,”

With the evidence uncovered from the Columbian Forests we can now say for certain that the Young Earth Creationists, like myself are not grabbing at straws of faith. It is getting pretty scary for the evolutionist minded scientists who are at the mercy of such groups like the Institute for Creation Research who are celebrating this find as confirming not just a the young earth model but also the global flood mentioned in Genesis.

Time to face the facts, if natural selection were a fact of science than we should expect to see some evolution taking place from one family of plant life into another family of plant life in the last 58 million years. However, not only does the evidence not support Darwin's theory of evolution, but it also does not support the theory that the earth has been in existence for billions of years.

Remember, I am talking about a segment of our scientific community that has convinced the most powerful government the world has ever seen to teach it's children that evolution is a fact and that creationism is a fable. Evolutionist believe that a cow turned into a whale in less than half the time that the University of Florida has determined no evolutionary process has happened in the plant family. Surely, if natural selection has been in effect for millions of years, than we should find evidence of it among the simplest of all life form on this planet.

On October 30, 2009 the University of Florida released an article on a study from Colombia that shows “many of the dominant plant families existing in today’s Neotropical rain forests – including legumes, palms, avocado and banana – have maintained their ecological dominance despite major changes in South America’s climate and geological structure.”

Basically what a team of researchers that included a paleontologist from the university of Florida have done was studyed a rich cache of about 2,000 megafossil specimens from the Paleocene, that was said to be 58 million years old. This is only 5 to 8 million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs according to conventional dating. One major finding was that the Neotropical rain forests were warmer and wetter in the late Paleocene than today but were composed of the same plant families that now thrive in rain forests. The press release says that the fossil record from Neotropical rain forests has been “almost nonexistent” – but now, it is evident that modern plant families existed then. “We have the fossils to prove this,” one researcher said. “The foundations of the Neotropical rainforests were there 58 million years ago.”

The only difference between modern rain forests and the fossil record is more diversity now. But since identification of species can only be made to the genus level, there may be some subjectivity in that judgment. An earlier team also found the skeleton of a giant snake at the open coal pit mine – Titanoboa. “Like Titanoboa, which is clearly related to living boas and anacondas, the ancient forest of northern Colombia had similar families of plants as we see today in that ecosystem.”

Then there is the article in Live Science that has showed how the “oldest known spider web” has been pushed back another 4 million years (cf. 06/23/2006). Looks like the web material, encased in amber, not only proves that spiders had the web-making equipment as far back as the fossil record shows, but that it has continued with little change for 140 million years according to the consensus dating scheme.

I have stated my opinion before about what I think of the scientific community's dating system and how it has been proved to be wrong time and time again when tested. Now this evidence on the plant life in the rain forests just helps to bolster my opinion that the evolutionary scientists need to rethink their lame theories.

God is still alive and kicking, while Darwin's dead and his theory should finally be buried with him.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Does God Allow Christians to Suffer?

Why does God allow there to be evil in the world? Are are we not all created in the image of God? Many ask, and few seem to have good answers, for the question of,

"Why God didn’t just create us so that we would never have to experience pain, suffering, and sadness?"

After all, He has the power to make the world free of evil, yet He chose instead to make us creatures with free will. Thus, free will was the door left open for the possibility of evil to exist. If we have the right to chose between right and wrong, there is a 50% chance that we will chose to do the wrong thing and thus suffer the consequences of our sin. But why did He not just make us all good? Why must we live with the possibility that we, and others, may chose to do something that will harm us and the world we live in. After all, is he not a loving God? Either He's not as powerful as we're led to believe, not as perfect as we're led to believe, or He's just another abusive father who enjoys watching his children suffer. What's the purpose? Why does God allow evil and suffering?


Why Does God Allow Christians to Suffer?

Why does God allow there to be evil in the world? Are are we not all created in the image of God? Many ask, and few seem to have good answers, for the question of,

"Why God didn’t just create us so that we would never have to experience pain, suffering, and sadness?"

After all, He has the power to make the world free of evil, yet He chose instead to make us creatures with free will. Thus, free will was the door left open for the possibility of evil to exist. If we have the right to chose between right and wrong, there is a 50% chance that we will chose to do the wrong thing and thus suffer the consequences of our sin. But why did He not just make us all good? Why must we live with the possibility that we, and others, may chose to do something that will harm us and the world we live in. After all, is he not a loving God? Either He's not as powerful as we're led to believe, not as perfect as we're led to believe, or He's just another abusive father who enjoys watching his children suffer. What's the purpose? Why does God allow evil and suffering?
God could have made us perfect without the ability to sin, and we would have never known pain and suffering. To do so however, would have meant that we would not have free choice in whether or not we would love Him. We would be like Chatty Cathy dolls mimicking whatever it is He wanted to hear us say and forcing us to do exactly what he wanted us to do. Is that the kind of life you would wish to live? Well, obviously God did not think so, that is why He made us creatures with a free will. That free will allowed Adam and Eve to disobey of their own volition and partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They exercised the right of choice that God had given them. They could have refused to disobey God's command about the fruit, but they did not. Because they didn't, we have the sin that has been passed down. All of us, believers and non-believers alike, wrestle with the daily struggles of the "Adam and Eve" within us. Only through the power of Jesus' Holy Spirit in us can we truly have victory over the nature that was handed down to us.

As Christians, we should all know this already, but so many cannot complete the picture when they face sorrow and pain. This is why so many Christians inevitably ask the question,

Why am I suffering God? Why do my loved ones suffer?"

But wait... there's more. What if on the day we accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior, we were given God's total and complete protection, so nothing bad ever happened to us again? Well, do you remember what Satan said to God about Lot?
"Does Job fear God for nothing? Have You not made a hedge about him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. But put forth Your hand now and touch all that he has; he will surely curse You to Your face.Job 1:9-11

Can you imagine what would happen if God did put a hedge about us on every side? Would not the people of the world who do not know Christ, say:
"So what, that you love God. Anybody would love God if He protected them the way He does you. I'm not impressed. Your God doesn't offer me anything; I live in the real world."
However, what if on the other hand, those people were watching us suffer? They saw the way we dealt with the same issues of pain, suffering and disappointment as they deal with. Yet we still looked to our Father in heaven with love and gratefulness for His loving mercy that allows us to be free enough to learn and grow through our trials and tribulations. Consider the following passages, the next time you ask, why does God allow pain and suffering in a Christian's life?
There was the time when the apostles were flogged and ordered not to speak in the name of Jesus. When they were released they considered it worthy to be able to suffer for the name of Christ. Acts 5:40-42 We are told by Christ that when people persecute us and falsely say all kinds of evil against us because of Him, that we should

"Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven will be great.Matthew 5:11-12

James tells us that we should consider it all joy when we encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of our faith produces endurance. James 1:2-4 These and other passages like them describe rejoicing, not in spite of the suffering, but because of it. Remember what Paul says about not losing heart over the fact that our flesh is decaying with age and infirmities,
"because our trials will renew our spirit daily............for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal,2 Cor 4:16-18
This is the same man who just a few short paragraphs later described the many trials and tribulations he went through. He endured imprisonments, beatings with whips and rods, he was stoned not once but three times and left for dead. Three times he was shipwrecked, threatened by robbers, Gentiles, Jews, attacked by wild animals, bitten by a poisonous snake, left cold, hungry, thirsty, and suffered many other hardships for the gospel of Christ. 2 Cor 11:23-27 Through it all Paul ran the race well. People saw that his faith in God was persistent, consistent, and profound. And they learned to trust Paul's God, not in spite of his pain and misery, but Praise God, because of it. Paul was the greatest and most successful evangelical missionary preacher the world had ever seen. It was his suffering along with that of the other apostles that eventually changed an empire. Tertullian said that,

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church

It is through times of struggle and hardships that we as Christians can shine the brightest and reach more of the lost, that is, if we react to our pain and suffering in the way Christ did.

Use the comfort you get from God in your suffering as training so you might comfort others. Teach those who don't know the Lord to lean on Him in their suffering by leaning on Him in yours. Show them that you love Him and trust Him and know that He'll see you through even this. Bring them to Him as your faithful, loving father in your times of trouble. Show them who He is. Remember that we as Christians, must willingly approach our infirmities and hardships, knowing that we hold a greater prize before us after this life than this world can ever offer. That is what we have to teach the world. So ask not why you suffer, but praise God for the chance to shine and be an example as our Lord was for us.
But you may then reply that your suffering from a debilitating disease or terrible accident is not truly suffering for Christ sake. Oh, but your sufferings certainly are. Why? Because people are watching you and they are seeing how you as a Christian respond to the cruelty of this world. In your suffering, you need Him more than ever. Show them what a wonderful, comforting Lord you have. Give purpose and meaning to your suffering. Remember that the good times will never be as productive for Him as your bad times will be. Rejoice that Jesus has considered you worthy of suffering in His name. Carry your infirmity and shame with a sense of worthiness so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. For a day will come when you shall be given a crown of righteousness, and forever your pain and suffering shall be over and forgotten, as you spend eternity in the presence of the great, I Am.
I pray that those who have ears to hear will hear His voice and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praying In The Name of Obama (forensics prove they are saying Obama, not God)

by One Vike

Ever since Obama became a serious candidate for the Democrat ticket in “08”, we have been deluged with various groups of people in America treating Obama like a celebrity. This is nothing new for Americans, after all we have seen different segments of our society display signs of idol worship for many celebrities from rock stars like Elvis Presley to sports heroes like Michael Jordan. However, we have never experienced the type of sycophantic worship for a politician like we see from the left for Obama. Oh sure the nation came together and cried when JFK was assassinated, but before his fateful trip to Dallas, he was not nearly as loved as the revisionist historians would have you believe. No, what we see from the left today is akin to the way Hitler was treated by those of the NAZI party or even the way emperors were considered gods in ancient Rome.

It is this deitification of Obama that has many of us Americans scratching our collective heads in disbelief. Disbelief, because we have been flooded with video after video of school children being taught to sing songs of worship and praise to Obama. Children as young as preschool and as old as college students are involved in this emperor worship of Obama. It has reached the point that the left is not concerned that bloggers are exposing them, because they know that the MSM will never report it. So they continue their indoctrination of our children in public schools across America. Is it any wonder that a record number of parents have begun to either home school there children or spend the money needed to send them to private schools.

History has recorded what totalitarian governments like those of the old Soviet Union, Hitler's Germany, Castro's Cuba, and even Chavez's Venezuela have done to force the children of their countries to worship their leaders. However, I must point out that America is the first major power I know of in modern history, other than Japan and Hirohito, to actually have a segment of it's population willingly worship its leader as a god like Obama is in this video.

I offer you two videos. The first video, has the words superimposed that were spoken by the one leading worship and those following with their praise to and prayer in the name of Obama.

What you just saw was a group of adults who have obviously decided that praying in the name of Obama is quite alright with them. With a priestess reading from some kind of prepared sermon, these community activists have no qualms about stating their love and devotion as they pray in the name of their god Obama. In a gathering of like minded community activists, these people are practicing what is known in the religious world as an exhortation to give thanks to God for any particular mercies or future blessings. It is similar to the way the Israelites would reply with the phrase;
For His mercy endures forever;”
when a religious leader, most likely the High Priest read a stanza from Psalm 136. This is why I say that these activists are treating Obama like a god in the way they reply with phrases of worship to Obama. What this video showed should have sent shivers up the spine of every American who believes that the government has no business being in the religion business. I state it differently then just saying, “Separation of Church and State”, as the leftist do because I believe, like the Constitution, that the government cannot establish a state run religion. What we are seeing here however, is the beginnings of a religion that is run by the state, especially when this religion's god is the President of the United States. We have a religious leader going on about the ills of society as she sees it, followed by others chanting praises and pleas to Obama to correct these ills.

The religious leaders and the followers who are doing this are all community activists involved with the Gamaliel Foundation of St. Louis Mo. So what we have here is a community activist organization worshiping as a god, one of their own who has become the president of the United States. Remind you of what happened in the Roman Empire when a man became emperor, and they then deified him by worshiped and praying to him as the “emperor god ”.  Here are a few excerpts from the video, for those who decided they would rather not watch it;

Why then has the health of my poor people not been restored?”
Street volunteers.....
Hear our cry Obama.”

With the prophet Martin Luther King, Jr., we cry out, "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.
Street volunteers.....
Hear our cry Obama.”

From greed and fear that replace the reality of God’s abundance and the power of community with the myths of scarcity and isolation.”
Street volunteers
Deliver us Obama.”

In this second video, you will see that the Gamaliel Foundation filed a complaint with the producers of the video. The Gamaliel officials claim that the followers were using the word God, not Obama. The Gamaliel Foundation and Obama go back a long time together.  After all, it was the Gamaliel Foundation that first showed Obama Alinsky's ways of community organizing, before he went back to Chicago. So it would make sense that they would lead their members in worshiping him and then attempt to cover up their worshiping of him when the public found out about it.  However after audio and video analysis experts studied the film using the same forensic techniques used in criminal investigations, they determined that the followers were indeed saying “Hear our cry Obama”, and “Deliver us Obama”. In the second video here, you will see the statement by the group who studied the film.

We all know that it has been stated by more than one court, that environmentalism as practiced by the left is a religion, and we have all become accustomed to seeing these wackos worshiping "Mother Earth". Well now we know that many on the left also treat health care as a religious objective and that they pray to their god Obama to correct the injustice. As I have said before, not since before Constantine made Christianity a legal religion, has a society willingly worshipped it's leader as a god. Key word here is willingly, no coercion involved here, these people are willingly praying to Obama to ”deliver them” from the misery they call the American health care system. All hail Obama!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Democrats Hired GangBangers to GOTV for Corzine

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"Carbon Dioxide Lags Behind Warming Trends by 800 Years", 
Again I apologize for the inconvenience.

by One Vike

 If you are the Democrat party of New Jersey and it looks like you may lose the Governor's office to a 500 pound fat guy (Jon Corzine's words, not mine), what do you do? After all, even the "Great One", Obama himself, could not seem to turn the tide that was ready to hit them from the Republican Party and it's candidate, Christie. Well, I have documented story after story about the intimidation tactics used by the left in this country, but what the Democrats did in this election has even left some liberals scratching their heads.

Imagine you are an off duty New Jersey police officer relaxing at home, when you look out your window and see several known criminals. Then you look a bit closer and you realize that one of them is a man you arrested several weeks ago and the other man has just been released from prison. Oh yea, the man just released from prison was there for murdering a fellow police officer. Now as if that is not worrisome enough for you, you then find out that the men have been employed by the the Democratic Party for get out the vote (GOTV) operations.

Check out this interview with another Morris Township resident who also
witnessed the gangbangers going door to door, but is afraid to be identified. 

Can you really blame him for being afraid, the cemeteries across America are filled 
with dead innocent citizens who crossed these kinds of thugs and paid with their lives.

That is what happened this past Sunday in the Township of Morris New Jersey, and the gangsters even had a list of voters names, addresses, and their phone numbers. The officer states that he heard the men discussing that he was a police officer and that they now know where he lived. When confronted by the off duty officer, the men took off, so he then contacted the local police who caught up with them and about a dozen other men a few blocks away. All the men questioned by the police were well known criminals, and when asked what they were doing in the neighborhood, their answer was, 

"We were contacted by the Democrat Party to 
help them get out the vote for Jon Corzine."

Now, in case you think that this is a bad idea that will not happen again and has never happened before, this is not the first time it has not happened. Back in 2006 the Democratic State Committee lost $5,000 to $6,000 from a check fraud scheme. At the time, the state Democrat party Chairman, “Joseph Cryan”, said that the checks were copied from payments sent out to people hired as part time GOTV activists for the 2006 elections. Now for the kicker, members of the “Bloods” street gang took paychecks they were given to them for GOTV work they did and using laptop computers and digital cameras to create fake checks. After a three year investigation dubbed, “Operation Bloodbank", 33 members of the Blood gang were arrested for faking nearly 200 payroll checks totaling over $654,000 over a two year period.

So what's the moral of the story? Well in today's America you must remember that when it comes to the Democrat party that, gangsters, thugs, and terrorists are just misunderstood people who are just trying to live in a cruel world controlled by a bunch of right wing capitalist pigs. The real danger to America is those evil right wingers like the ones at Chico's Tea Party Rally this past summer.  The picture below is the people who are dangerous to America, not the thugs the DNC uses to get out the vote.  After all these people are just trying to stop the “Chosen One” from implementing the change that will save this country from the evil capitalists who have ruined America.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lifted, Like A Snake In The Desert

Have you ever given it much though about the phrase, “Lift Christ up with Praise”? Quite often you will here a pastor use this phrase as he instructs you to give glory to God though His Son. But have you ever really consider what the phrase means to you and and the significance of it? Give me a moment of your time and allow me to introduce you to something very few Christians have actually ever considered when hearing this phrase, “Lift Christ up with Praise”.

Most people know the verse John 3:16 , many have even memorized it. For me, that was the first verse I ever memorized in Sunday School as a child growing up in Duluth Minn. If there is any verse that say's it all, it is John 3:16. God's gift to mankind was His only Son Jesus. With the death of His Son on the Cross, all we need to do is confess Him as our Lord and Savior and our sins have been paid for in full. Salvation in a nut shell. Praise God for simplicity! Now, as great as this verse is, what is truly interesting to me is the verses that precede John 3:16. I lose count of how many times I have read these verses, just to have my mind mentally skip over and almost ignore the meaning of them.

When you read John 3:14, it should take you back in time to Israel's past history. A time when Moses was leading the twelve tribes through the wilderness of Sin. A time when God was showing them His power and love firsthand. In the Old Testament, we read in Numbers 21:4-9 that the children of Israel had grown discouraged and spoke out against Moses and God. As a punishment, God sent down fiery serpents that would bite the Israelites and many would eventually die. Realizing their sin, they went to Moses confessing and asking him to pray to the Lord that He might take the serpents from their presence. Well God would not remove the cause of their plight, but He did instruct Moses to make a serpent and erect it on a pole. Mose told those who were bitten by the serpents to come to the pole and look up to the pole and put their gaze upon the image of their pain and they would live. At that time, to look upon such an image erected on a pole would be considered repulsive, and many would instinctively look away. However if they wanted to live, those who had been bitten needed to look upon the image of the serpent, or they would die.

What you ask, does all this have to do with Christ’s crucifixion? Well, the Jews looked at crucifixion as a sign of a curse, just as the Israelites looked upon the sign of the snake on the pole. At the time when Jesus walked with men, death by crucifixion was only used for the worst of criminals. Thus, to see Christ lifted up and crucified meant that He was considered cursed under Jewish tradition. After all, God instructed the Israelites in Deuteronomy 21:22-23 that;

"If a man has committed a sin deserving of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree, his body shall not remain overnight on the tree, but you shall surely bury him that day, so that you do not defile the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance; for he who is hanged is accursed of God. Deuteronomy 21:22-23
This is a verse Paul brought to mind when he wrote to the Galatians;

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, "Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree") Galatians 3:13

So, just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness to save his people from death, we too must look at the uplifted Son of Man to be saved.

Christ couldn’t just die. He had to die the death of a sinner, lowly and cursed. Lifted up on a pole, He was an image many found repulsive. He could have just come down and said, "Not today!" But he stayed. He died a death of pain and shame for sins he never committed. Sacrificed from the beginning of time, for sins He saw us commit, yet turned His eyes every time we did.

As we move forward into the holiday season, with all the hustle and bustle, as we attempt to get through the season with some semblance of sanity, I ask that you remember how the King of kings and Lord of lords was so humbly lifted on a pole for you. Will you take a moment and look up at the cross, or will you look away and continue in your sinful way? Take a moment and pray, take a moment and ask the One who stayed upon that cross for you, to take away your sin. His arms are outstretched and waiting for you, all it takes is for you to willingly look up and accept His Fathers gift to you.

I pray that those who have ears to hear will hear His voice and call upon the name of the lord Jesus Christ.

I would now like to take this time and thank all those who have answered my call to prayers for my wife. You all have been a true blessing to us both, and I pray the Lord will return to you tenfold, for the joy our hearts feel from the out pouring of your love and care. My wife has advanced in her recovery beyond all expectations. Thank you and may God bless you and yours.
Chuck Ness

Tim McGraw & Brad Paisley, Are Officially Off My Christmas List

by One Vike

It is high time Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw were taken to task for their support of Barrack Husein Obama. I first must admit that I have been a fan of Brad and Tim for a long time. I love the way they put to tune and words of how it is to be a man is in the world. After all, how can you not enjoy listening to the way Brad strings together the words in his song titled, “I'm Still A guy”, or how he seems to lay his heart out in the tune titled, “I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishing Song)”? Then there are the songs by Tim McGraw that just makes me want to hold my wife closely as I sing along with him the words I could never think of on my own.

From the first time I heard Brad Paisley sing the song, “Who needs Pictures” in early 1999, I was a fan of his. And what man can honestly say he did not choke up a bit when he listened to the way Tim sang the beautiful ballad, “Don't Take The Girl'? These are the kinds of songs that have been missing in the American music industry. Songs that speak to our hearts, because we feel exactly like they sing them to us on the radio. For too long the American culture has gone down the trail of anger and hate in the music that has been presented to us. So Country Music has for many become what the music was in the “70”s, beautiful and relevant to our lives and hearts.

Yes, I have been a big fan of both Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw. I even used their songs to try and convince my brother-in-law that he should give up Rock Music for Country. Well, he still listens to Rock, but he is not so critical of Country as he used to be. Well, their songs kept coming and I kept listening and buying them. Even when I found out that they were supporters of Barrack Obama during the Presidential campaign, I still liked them. I may have been a bit shocked by their support for him, but I still listened to their music and refused to turn them off when they came on the radio. I guess it was like trying to turn off the radio when I heard Willy Nelson sing his classic song, “On The Road Again”. Oh I knew he was a Jimmy Carter supporter, but times were different, and I wasn't really worried about my personal freedom back then.

Times have changed though, and I see things differently than I did in the past. Now, when I hear a politician speak about things I care about, I begin to weigh the balances, and they do not seem to balance like they used to. Now when I listen to politicians, and I begin to ask the question, “What part of the constitution do they not understand'? Which brings me to Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and their devotion to Obama and his agenda.

Like many Americans today, when I see Obama, I see a man who desires to take away my freedom and my rights. The very freedom and rights granted to me by the Constitution, and fought for by ancestors of mine in every war we have fought since Revolutionary War for independence.  Now, when I hear musician that I like, and they want to use my hard earned money so they can support Obama in his quest to take my freedoms and rights, I get mad.  These two talented musicians, Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw, want me to believe that Obama is alright and that his agenda is good for my country. Just one problem, Obama is not alright, he is my enemy and his agenda is bad for America. So that makes anyone who agrees with Obama, including Paisley, McGraw, and any other individual who agrees with Obama, my enemy also.

See, this is not a political game anymore, this is a war of keeps. Obama and his allies want to take away that which I want to keep, my freedom and liberty. Excuse me for being greedy, but I refuse to give them up with out a fight. So, as of today I am taking them both off my Christmas list, along with anyone else who has decided to support Obama and his Fascist ideas of taking my country away from me. Oh I realize that there are certain aspects of society that I cannot stop from dealing with, like PG&E here in California etc. etc.  However there are many I can personally boycott, and like the Dixie Chicks before them, I refuse to support Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw or any other musician of the Country world or any other genre who has fallen in with my enemy, Barrack Husein Obama, mm, mm, mmmm!

This is war, and like any war that one wishes to win, we cannot appease the enemy, we can only defeat them.  That is because they wish to defeat and put us under their subjected rule.  When fighting a war, you do not financially help the enemy, you do every thing in your power to diminish their ability to fight.  It is high time we de-fund the enemy of the state, and that includes the likes of Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, or any other person or entity that chooses to side with the enemy.  So if you want a Christmas gift from me this year, you better not have them on your list. As I said this is a war, and you are either with me or you are against me, there can be no middle ground anymore.