Friday, February 12, 2010

Superior Swedish Sub Eludes Detection & Sinks American Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan

by OneVike

Ever since WWII, America has been a dominant force upon the high seas. We have become so advanced in our military technology that the Soviet Union eventually collapsed, in large part because Ronald Reagan would not back down against them. In honor of his accomplishments and great leadership, congress named the worlds largest aircraft carrier after him, the USS Ronald Reagan. Well it has been 22 years since Reagan left office, and while we have been able to hold our status as the worlds most powerful military the world has ever seen, those days could be coming to an end.

Thanks in large part to the anti military sentiment that prevails in Washington, from both sides of the isle, America is losing the war of technical advancement. What you will see in this video is a submarine from Sweden the, NemoSaltadSobrius, that cannot be detected, and even worse it has reportedly sunk our best and most powerful naval ships in mock war games. Check out this report out of San Diego by Chuck Henry, who reports that America is attempting to figure out how to catch in before our enemies discover the secret of its elusiveness.


  1. anti-military attitude prevalent in Washington? The US spends more on military than the rest of earth combined. The US is wildly in love with the military.

  2. Yes but the point is that military spending has been directed to the army and airforce rather than the navy. Antisubmarine warfare has been neglected since the end of the cold war because there was no perceived threat.

  3. The one specific job the United States Government has been charged to do by the Constitution is to secure the defense of the country. Not social programs that turn Americans into lazy unproductive citizens who are always demanding more of what they themselves are responsible for. So, we spend more then the rest of the world combined, which I actually doubt. However, even if true I want them to spend more on the military.

    We should never be spending the kind of hard earned money that is spent on the leftists agenda that is only turning us into a Socialist Nation. A nation who's citizens have their hands out demanding more and more from other Americans who are fed up with the high taxation just to accommodate them.

    The current problems that America and the rest of the world is because too many people are not pulling their fare share, As Phil Gramm (sp?) said once, their are too many sluggards in the wagon, and not enough hard working Americans are pulling it. What we are going through was bound to happen, and until we change we will continue to struggle a nation. No country has ever spent its self into prosperity, especially when that spending is on socialist programs that do nothing but destroy the human spirit. Now we have Obama and the Democrats attempting to do to the middle class what they did to the black community, destroy it.

    In the process they will willingly destroy our military so that we will be defendant upon other nations to defend us, thus ending our ability to remain sovereign. These are the ones who will lead us to our demise.

  4. I should start a campaign: "I like Vike" If you are familiar with Kansas you will understand.

    I hope this blogsite is wildly successful and you get many hits.

  5. Thanks Anonymous, and yes I do understand...

  6. I was part if the team that made the sonars... the result doesn't surprise me.