Saturday, June 4, 2011

Video Proof that NY Sanitation Workers Sabatoged Storm Cleanup - See more at:

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I reported last week that the NY city sanitation union employees were told by their supervisors to keep away from some of the major arteries of traffic in order to cause havoc during the snow storm because they wanted to make a statement about their disagreement over budget cuts. So along with other tragedies, Sanitation Union workers are directly responsible for the death of a 22 year old college students new born baby.

Hosted by imgur.comHosted by imgur.comWell, now we have video evidence that proves the workers laid down on the job. Some slept, like the sanitation worker in the photo to the left. Others were spotted in cafes and bars during their entire shift, like the worker who was photographed by a citizen on their cell phone while he was in the cafe all day as his plow sat idle.