Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tree Huggers Paradise In Sweden, Rent an Invisible Tree House (video)

If I told you I found an Invisible Tree House would you believe me? I mean after all, if it is truly invisible how is I could find it?  Which really leaves me in a conundrum because if you cannot see it, then how can I prove it exists?  Well in Sweden there is a company that has built an eco-friendly hotel in a tree they claim is invisible. However, If truth be told this tree house is no more invisible then the Statue of Liberty was after David Copperfield supposedly made it vanish in a magic trick. Just as Copperfield uses mirrors with slight of hand to give the illusion of magic, this company has used mirrored glass to reflect all it's surroundings to give the illusion of invisibility. 
The Swedish people are known for their ultra environmentalism, and this tree-house design is just another example of their attempts at living as one with the environment around them while not disturbing nature.  I tip my hat to them for the way they continually put their money and efforts towards living the way they desire.      
Now as much as I disagree with the way their philosophy of worshiping the earth, I have no problem with them doing the things they do. just don't tell me that I must also live the way want to.  So anyone wishing to travel to Sweden for a stay in the forest can now stay in the woods amongst the trees and live like the tree huggers would like you to live for a day, weekend or longer if you would like.     
The appeal of staying at the Tree Hotel, beyond the stylish innovative aesthetics, is truly being at one with nature. The Tree Houses all hang as if in mid-air, a tree at their core, within a forest of pine trees. The unusual structures are in fact attached to a tree at around 4 meters high. At the moment visitors have a choice between four top-notch slick luxury Tree Houses - the Nest, the Blue Cone, the Mirrorcube, the Cabin and the UFO and A Room With a View, which are set to appear in October.
Environmental wacko values lie at the heart of the design for each Tree House in the materials used as well as plumbing and lighting. The designers were inspired by the Swedish documentary, 'Tree Lover' (or Tradalskaren in Swedish) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, which tells the story of three men who question the value of nature in relation to humans through the construction of their own tree house in Harads, hence the hotel's location.
Probably the biggest problem I have with this concept is the many birds who will be breaking their necks as they unknowingly fly into the windows they cannot see.  The manufacturers are telling the public that there is a plastic film that the birds can see to avoid hiting the building.  I guess time will tell if, as everything is reflected like the he trees, clouds, sun, and the birds, whether or not it becomes a death trap for the birds.  I only say this because we have birds committing suicide by hitting our windows all the time when they think they can fly right through the house.  It's especially bad right after I cleaned the windows, because the light reflects the surrounding environment and all they see is sky, trees, clouds and the sun just as they will see with this Tree Hotel.
This Tree Hotel is in the small northern Swedish village of Harads. The
Tree Hotel, which officially opened on July 17th of this year is
supposed to revolutionize the treehouse concept. The Tree Hotel consists
of six completely uniquely-themed Tree Houses, created by five
different architects. In addition to the Tree Hotel there will be a
sauna and a conference / breakfast room which will seat 12 guests.

However, be on your guard for violence while over there, because many angry immigrant Muslims have been causing big problems for Sweden lately. As attested by these reports of Swedish women being raped by Muslim men, and Muslims rioting in Stockholm. However, you will be up near the Arctic circle in a tree, and I doubt Muslims are too fond of glass houses and cold weather.

Check out the video report below for a better understanding of this
 environmentalists wackos dream vacation getaway in Sweden.

Click on image above to visit Tree Hotel
 website for more information on rentals

You can also contact them at:
Treehotel/Brittas Pensionat
Edeforsväg 2 A
960 24 Harads

Telephone: +46 (0)928-104 03
E-mail: info@treehotel.se
Booking: booking@treehotel.se
Press: press@treehotel.se

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