Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Killer Whale Does What Killer Whales Do Best, Kills Pelican & Eats It (During Show)

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This is a video I have had on hold for a few Months. I figure that today is as good as any day to share it because of the prior fish stories about the whale smashing down upon the yacht in South Africa, and the world record setting catfish caught in the Missouri River. What happens in this video is something that took place during the "Believe" show at San Diego's Sea World, a pelican decided to drop in for the show. What happened was the normally submissive whales decided to take a brake from the show and check out the pelican. Unlike the penguin who escaped the killer whale's jaw's of death by jumping into a raft in Alaska, this bird became lunch.

While the person who captured this video was in the right place at the right time, the pelican happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. During a portion of the show where a young child is being introduced to a friendly whale, the pelican landed onto the pool. Suddenly one of the whales lunged at the bird from underneath the water. The whale clutches the pelican in it's jaws and drags the bird under the water to its demise. The other whales in the pool, with the exception of the whale that was at the front of the pool with the little girl, all disappeared under the water ignoring their trainers.

Throughout the whole ordeal the show's music continued to blare out of the speakers, but it was obvious to the audience the show had not gone as planned. Some of the trainers even tried to continue on as if nothing had happened by performing their dance moves. Meanwhile the whales still hadn't surfaced and had their catch at the bottom of the pool. Eventually one whale did surface, as did the limp body of the pelican. The whales then pushed it around the surface for a while and then tore it apart in front of the audience.

Eventually the trainers got the attention of the whales and managed to lure them backstage to the holding pen. Leaving bits of the pelican floating around in the pool. Once the trainers had the whales securely locked up, they then went about retrieving the Pelican parts from the pool. Since the show had been cut short, the bewildered audience responded with clapping and cheering as each part of the Pelican was retrieved from the pool.

While Sea World tries to humanize these deadly creatures for the spectators, this video proves that they are still wild animals and their "Killer Whale" instincts are sill very acute. Besides they've probably been trying to tell their trainers they wanted more then just fish for lunch everyday. So God sent them some fowl meat to balance out their diet.

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