Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Americans Need To Take A Lesson From Fire Ants Building a Raft To Survive Flood (Cool Video)

This video clip is from a BBC documentary about fire ants. These ants build a raft out of worker ants in an attempt to save the Queen and the colony during a flood. There amazing instinct to survive show you why they are probably the most dominant life form on earth, withstanding almost any curve ball nature throws at them.  Makes you think about the way the capitalist spirit has allowed America to become the most prosperous and successful society the world has ever seen. Throughout our history, we have withstood every curve ball our enemies thrown at us, in their attempts to bring us down.  We are one of the youngest nations in the world, yet we are economically the most prosperous and the militarily the mightiest.  As America goes, so too does the free world.

Unfortunately, we failed to stop the left from destroying that spirit. Now we are on the brink of becoming just another former great country as the socialists and fascists do all they can to destroy the capitalist nature of this once great country.  We can sit back and allow Obama and his Fascist friends destroy that which our ancestors worked and died for, or can take a lesson from the fire ants and refuse to go down without a fight.  The choice is ours, and regardless of which way we choose, our descendants will look back at these days and know the time to act was now.  I pray they will be able to look back and be as proud of us, as we are of our ancestors who went to battle and defeated America's enemies of the last few centuries. 

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