Saturday, November 7, 2009

Praying In The Name of Obama (forensics prove they are saying Obama, not God)

by One Vike

Ever since Obama became a serious candidate for the Democrat ticket in “08”, we have been deluged with various groups of people in America treating Obama like a celebrity. This is nothing new for Americans, after all we have seen different segments of our society display signs of idol worship for many celebrities from rock stars like Elvis Presley to sports heroes like Michael Jordan. However, we have never experienced the type of sycophantic worship for a politician like we see from the left for Obama. Oh sure the nation came together and cried when JFK was assassinated, but before his fateful trip to Dallas, he was not nearly as loved as the revisionist historians would have you believe. No, what we see from the left today is akin to the way Hitler was treated by those of the NAZI party or even the way emperors were considered gods in ancient Rome.

It is this deitification of Obama that has many of us Americans scratching our collective heads in disbelief. Disbelief, because we have been flooded with video after video of school children being taught to sing songs of worship and praise to Obama. Children as young as preschool and as old as college students are involved in this emperor worship of Obama. It has reached the point that the left is not concerned that bloggers are exposing them, because they know that the MSM will never report it. So they continue their indoctrination of our children in public schools across America. Is it any wonder that a record number of parents have begun to either home school there children or spend the money needed to send them to private schools.

History has recorded what totalitarian governments like those of the old Soviet Union, Hitler's Germany, Castro's Cuba, and even Chavez's Venezuela have done to force the children of their countries to worship their leaders. However, I must point out that America is the first major power I know of in modern history, other than Japan and Hirohito, to actually have a segment of it's population willingly worship its leader as a god like Obama is in this video.

I offer you two videos. The first video, has the words superimposed that were spoken by the one leading worship and those following with their praise to and prayer in the name of Obama.

What you just saw was a group of adults who have obviously decided that praying in the name of Obama is quite alright with them. With a priestess reading from some kind of prepared sermon, these community activists have no qualms about stating their love and devotion as they pray in the name of their god Obama. In a gathering of like minded community activists, these people are practicing what is known in the religious world as an exhortation to give thanks to God for any particular mercies or future blessings. It is similar to the way the Israelites would reply with the phrase;
For His mercy endures forever;”
when a religious leader, most likely the High Priest read a stanza from Psalm 136. This is why I say that these activists are treating Obama like a god in the way they reply with phrases of worship to Obama. What this video showed should have sent shivers up the spine of every American who believes that the government has no business being in the religion business. I state it differently then just saying, “Separation of Church and State”, as the leftist do because I believe, like the Constitution, that the government cannot establish a state run religion. What we are seeing here however, is the beginnings of a religion that is run by the state, especially when this religion's god is the President of the United States. We have a religious leader going on about the ills of society as she sees it, followed by others chanting praises and pleas to Obama to correct these ills.

The religious leaders and the followers who are doing this are all community activists involved with the Gamaliel Foundation of St. Louis Mo. So what we have here is a community activist organization worshiping as a god, one of their own who has become the president of the United States. Remind you of what happened in the Roman Empire when a man became emperor, and they then deified him by worshiped and praying to him as the “emperor god ”.  Here are a few excerpts from the video, for those who decided they would rather not watch it;

Why then has the health of my poor people not been restored?”
Street volunteers.....
Hear our cry Obama.”

With the prophet Martin Luther King, Jr., we cry out, "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.
Street volunteers.....
Hear our cry Obama.”

From greed and fear that replace the reality of God’s abundance and the power of community with the myths of scarcity and isolation.”
Street volunteers
Deliver us Obama.”

In this second video, you will see that the Gamaliel Foundation filed a complaint with the producers of the video. The Gamaliel officials claim that the followers were using the word God, not Obama. The Gamaliel Foundation and Obama go back a long time together.  After all, it was the Gamaliel Foundation that first showed Obama Alinsky's ways of community organizing, before he went back to Chicago. So it would make sense that they would lead their members in worshiping him and then attempt to cover up their worshiping of him when the public found out about it.  However after audio and video analysis experts studied the film using the same forensic techniques used in criminal investigations, they determined that the followers were indeed saying “Hear our cry Obama”, and “Deliver us Obama”. In the second video here, you will see the statement by the group who studied the film.

We all know that it has been stated by more than one court, that environmentalism as practiced by the left is a religion, and we have all become accustomed to seeing these wackos worshiping "Mother Earth". Well now we know that many on the left also treat health care as a religious objective and that they pray to their god Obama to correct the injustice. As I have said before, not since before Constantine made Christianity a legal religion, has a society willingly worshipped it's leader as a god. Key word here is willingly, no coercion involved here, these people are willingly praying to Obama to ”deliver them” from the misery they call the American health care system. All hail Obama!


  1. Why are we so skeptical, perhaps he is God.

    No really, that would tend to explain some of the inconsistencies with the universe.

    Why do bad things happen to good people?

    it's Obama’s fault.

  2. Dear Leader is getting scary...

    If Bush had done this "journalists" would be able to see it... guess they're too biased to see crimes done by liberals.


  3. For the first time in my long life I am wondering if this coup of our government by Marxists will lead to an armed revolution.

    Our country is disappearing before our eyes, and those who are stealing it are crazed lunatics.

    I can't believe what I just heard. I can't believe what's happening. I am in shock.

    These are not children. They are adults, literally worshiping Obama.

    God help us all.

  4. Gamaliel? That's a rather odd name for their foundation.

    Gamaliel was one of the leading conservative teachers of the time, and also Paul’s mentor and teacher. He was not just one of seven Jewish leaders of Hillel's school of Rabbinic Religious thought of the day but he was also the grandson of Hillel himself. The school of Hillel, was the Leading conservative Law authority in the Sanhedrin of the 1st Century. In today's society he would have many levels of education that he would have attained and would be considered to have a Doctorate of sorts. So in today's world they would not just know of him as Rabbi Gamaliel, but also Dr. Gamaliel.

    It seems as though they chose a conservative Lawyer to name their Foundation after, one would think these individuals would have used the name of some leading Liberal instructor of the time like Shammai, instead of this ultra conservative whom Paul was tutored under.

    Waiting to hear about the connection though from someone who knows more than I....

    OV, you have anymore information in the connection for me?

  5. Broken Feather, (Geronimo's descendant)November 7, 2009 at 12:11 PM

    Here is a flashback from a NRO written by Stanley Kurtz

    What We Know About Obama

    “Similarly, Obama’s “association” with Wright was far more than a mere pastor-parishioner - or even mentor-protege - relationship. Obama’s work with the Gamaliel Foundation required him to “organize” left-leaning churches into a larger political force. His real interest in Wright, Pfleger, and Meeks was to turn them into the nucleus of a far broader politicized coalition of radical black churches - as shown, for example, by his work with them on the Illinois racial-profiling bill. Again, we are not dealing with mere “associations,” but with intentional political partnerships.”

    In the same way many of the members of Reverend Wright's church look to him as a prophet, many look to Obama as a prophet in the manner of Christ. Don't take my word for it, find a member of his church and start talking to them like I have.

    These people are crazy scary, and Obama attended services there for 20 years. Nothing will gain you a loyal follower to the death like a religion, and when it comes to these extremists, Obama is the head of their cult.

    I saw this sort of thing amongst many of the older members of my tribe when I was growing up on the reservation. The younger ones lost their zeal for the old gods when they found the true God, but some still exist today.

    This is one Indian who sheds a tear when I pray. I shed a tear because America was a strong faithful follower of the True God, Jehovah, and my life along with many of my friends and relatives lives has been better. Now we are weak because we have lost our way and began worshiping the creation instead if the Creator like my ancestors did.

    It is a true saying, that those who do not follow the One True God, will follow anything. My ancestors lost their way many many moons ago. Long before the white man came to America. That is why God allowed us to be destroyed. God will not be mocked, and America is becoming a Godless nation that worships many small gods, Obama is just one more. Like the Indian nations that ruled this land before the white man came, America's end is now is in sight because of this.