Saturday, May 2, 2009

19th Amendment, Was it the Beginning of the End for America?

by One Vike

From the day the founding Fathers risked their liberty and life by signing the Declaration of Independence, there has been those who have wanted to sink this great ship called the United States of America. Well 143 years later the good ship America took a torpedo hit that at the time seemed like just another glancing blow. What many still consider the greatest step forward in equality for the sexes, was more then just a glancing blow however. It was in fact a deadly strike that entered the very heart of the ship and has been smoldering since. The damage caused by the 19th amendment was not noticeable at first, but after 90 years we can now see how complete the destruction was.

Thanks to the 19th amendment, we now have the same kind of Marxists running America that Ronald Reagan defeated from the Soviet Union. However the weapon of destruction used was not a nuclear warhead, no it was an emotional outburst that melted the brains of logic. On August 18, 2010 it will have been 90 years since the 19th amendment was ratified and became the law of the land. In those 90 years, America has gone from a God fearing Christian nation to a sadistic society that would make the founding fathers turn over in their graves. In my opinion, the icing on the cake was the day we witnessed Barack Obama getting elected President. So now we are confronted with the situation that almost every important issue facing the country comes down to an argument between an emotional feeling and a logical thought.

I use the contrasting difference between logic vs emotion because in our society today we are constantly confronted with situations that pit logic against emotions. I readily admit that throughout history mankind has struggled with properly defining the line separating logic and emotion when it comes to certain aspects of life. However, we now live in a society that is almost completely ruled by emotion. Case in point would be the parents in America that are routinely brought up on child abuse charges for spanking their children. When you raise a child it is logical and normal to slap their hands or spank their behind when they do bad things or act unruly in public. It is illogical and out of control emotions that lead to laws where such parental responsibility and Biblical teachings are now considered criminal acts of child abuse. It's my opinion that the blame for such emotionally out of control laws are a direct result of women getting the right to vote.

Now, I am not advocating that women should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. Nor do I think that the 19th amendment should be overturned. I bring this up more as a logical analysis of what I consider to be the number one cause of our current troubles in America today. Besides, even if I were to advocate the repealing of the 19th amendment, it would be easier to hold back the waters of the Nile. I also admit that there are many women who think more rational and logical then some men do, just compare Barney Frank to Ann Coulter
. Consider for a moment, one of the biggest political blunders that led to our current economic malaise. You must conclude that it is simply illogical to destroy the housing market and the country so that some disadvantaged minorities can live in a house they cannot afford. Now I am not laying all the blame at the feet of Barney Frank and his cohorts in congress, but I do lay most it there, and trust me, it was not logical thinking individuals who elected them to congress.

From the beginning of time women have been the emotional nurturers of society while men have been the logical protectors and managers. It was the men who had to do the dirty deeds that required more logic then emotion. Men have always debated and discussed what it is they thought was best for their families and communities, but there was usually a strong women standing behind and supporting them. It was this behind the scene interaction between husbands and wives that helped men see the emotional side of things. However when it came time for the tough decisions women understood that the ultimate course the men took was best for them, the community, and the nation because they would do what logically made sense.

There was a slow and methodical thought process that men used to allowed for the orderly progression of laws that, for most part, worked. This is not to say that men never acted irrationally or got overly emotional about the issues. After all, I admit that many wars in history were started for irrational and emotional reasons. Which only supports my opinion that overly emotional thinking individuals, like women, should never have been given the ability to make political decisions like who will represent the people in the government, or for that matter what policies and initiatives will be enacted into law. Unfortunately men eventually abdicated their God given responsibility and allowed their emotional partner an equal footing in deciding the country's fate. From that day forward, men have been vying for the emotional vote of women and worrying about their reactions after they got in office.

I realize that I am stepping on many liberal and conservative toes by saying this, but I believe that the feminization of America since the passage of the 19th amendment has caused millions of men to think just as emotionally as women when it comes to voting for politicians and ballot initiatives. Then we have candidates from all political parties who campaign by striking an emotional cord with them instead of being logical. Considering the way men have been mentally neutered by the feminization of America, it was just a matter of time before we ended up with elected officials that
pass laws which may make the emotional voter satisfied, but make no logical or constitutional sense whatsoever. Just a cursory look at many of the feel good laws that have been passed by the federal, state, and local governments since 1920
should be enough evidence to make my point. In California alone almost 800 laws get passed every year by politicians who got elected by campaigning as the candidate who is more in touch with the average voters feelings. So we end up with laws that are neither logical nor constitutional.

Why else would many states have laws on their books that require persons under 18 years of age to wear a helmet while operating a non motorized scooter or skateboard, and in California even adults are required to wear said helmets while riding a bicycle in a public park. Then there are the many federal laws that restricts what an employer can have a person under 18 do, many of which are non dangerous tasks. Laws by the way that only discourage businesses from even hiring minors. These are just two of the hundreds of thousands of examples of laws that only an overprotective emotional mother would support.

I realize that these laws have mostly been passed by men, but the only reason these men got elected in the first place is because during the election campaign they played upon the fears of women and overly emotional emasculated men who were educated in a public school system that itself is run by like minded emotional individuals. A couple of years ago I read a story that said there is over 100,000 federal, state, and local laws on the books that regulate or restrict some sort of normal human behavior. If you could read these laws, something I would bet that 60% of the elected officials who voted for them probably never did, you would find one common denominator, emotion. A perfect example is the current
global warming debate, who's supporters use pictures of cute furry polar bears supposedly stranded on a floating ice berg? The fact that polar bears can swim an average of 60 to a 100 miles without even tiring, matters not a wit to many of the illogically uneducated members of the American electorate today.

It is this kind of emotional thinking that dominates the political discourse in our society today. Many Americans like me, sit back and watch politicians pass laws that border on the absurd because of the emotional rantings by the MSM and their minions on the left. Now if all the idiotic laws passed in the last 90 years doesn't convince you, then just look back at the presidential election of 2008. Have you ever seen such a display of human emotion without logic in your life? If I were an alien from Mars I would have thought I was watching a marathon of infomercials about some third world country where the people were being starved and persecuted.

Thanks to the 19th amendment, America has become a country of whining, sniveling, emotional pansies whom the politicians have learned to play like a Stradivarius. Any politician that is unable to take advantage of the emotional American public has almost no chance of getting elected dog catcher let alone to congress or the White House. Even George Bush used the term, “Compassionate Conservative” to get elected to two terms.

You have to go back to Ronald Reagan's victories in 1980 and '84” to find the last time a candidate running on a campaign of logic and common sense won the Presidency, and he actually carried the woman's vote. Albeit because we just finished going through four years of Jimmy Carter and the country was in dire need of some common sense. Fact is, the 1980 election gave Americans such a contrast in competence vs incompetence that even those who normally voted with their emotions, understand what was at stake. Let's pray that the election of 2012 will give us another Reagan type who presents America with the truth about where we are headed, and like him won't shy away from the logical unemotional facts. For eight years Reagan called evil evil, and never allowed the left to paint him into a box. However, since Reagan left we have seen the left feminize the American culture to the point that I fear we will never again see another man like him win the Presidency.

While I do understand what precipitated the moment that moved men to give women the right to vote, I still disagree with their ultimate decision to pass the 19th amendment. At the turn of the century in 1900, America had entered an era of egalitarianism. A time when American men of all races and statures were becoming more equal, at least compared to the way things were just 50 years earlier. It's my guess that when the male side of the ledger became more egalitarian looking, that women started to demand equality also. This is similar to what inevitably happened in both the Babylonian and the Roman Empires during the last stages of their civilizations. Similarly the same thing was happening in many of the modern civilizations of the
Western world. Sadly however, I don't foresee this situation getting any better, and if anything my understanding of the end times leads me to believe things will invariably get worse instead. It is actually sad to know, historically speaking, that civilizations which have reached a certain degree of advancement have always self destructed by eliminating the very things that have made them great. I say sad, because we are now witnessing that same stage of our own civilization.

As I look across the vast expanse of this once great Republic, I see an America that will never again be what our forefathers envisioned. The election of 2008 was a Marxist revolution made possible because emotions trumped logic. However, it is heartening to know that the American electorate feels like that the country has moved much too fast to the left. Now there seems to be a backlash coming that could very well turn into a tsunami by November that will flush them out of power. Unfortunately, I also think that the men and women who will replace these Marxists, will also be motivated more by emotions then logic.


  1. It was the XVII Amendment that destroyed the USA

  2. I'm a female, and I agree with every word of that article. I'd give up my right to vote if all other women had to give up theirs. I'd also go so far as to say that recipients of government welfare should not be able to vote. An argument can also be made for allowing only property owners to vote. None of this will ever happen, of course, but if it did, it just might save this country.

  3. I think it was John Lott that did a statistical analysis of State budgets before the 19th Amendment was passed .... and found that, as States gave Women the right to Vote, State Budgets started up (mostly for "compassionate spending").

  4. The discussion is already over. See here:

  5. I agree with John Lott's assessment wholeheartedly.

    “Academics have long pondered why the government started growing precisely when it did. The federal government, aside from periods of wartime, consumed about 2 percent to 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) up until World War I. It was the first war that the government spending didn’t go all the way back down to its pre-war levels, and then, in the 1920s, non-military federal spending began steadily climbing. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal — often viewed as the genesis of big government — really just continued an earlier trend. What changed before Roosevelt came to power that explains the growth of government? The answer is women’s suffrage.

    For decades, polls have shown that women as a group vote differently than men. Without the women’s vote, Republicans would have swept every presidential race but one between 1968 and 2004.

    The gender gap exists on various issues. The major one is the issue of smaller government and lower taxes, which is a much higher priority for men than for women. This is seen in divergent attitudes held by men and women on many separate issues. Women were much more opposed to the 1996 federal welfare reforms, which mandated time limits for receiving welfare and imposed some work requirements on welfare recipients. Women are also more supportive of Medicare, Social Security and educational expenditures.”

    —John Lott, Women’s Suffrage over Time,